Rotarians Erica Williams and Karen Utley confirm the Turkey Trot routes just prior to the race.


The 2019 Turkey Trot was a success! Even falling raindrops couldn’t dampen the Thanksgiving morning excitement! Families joined in the fun with both children and dogs to support the event. Everyone gathered to raise funds for the Fallbrook Land Conservancy and the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary.Rotarians Erica Williams and Karen Utley focused on two 5K routes: one had six laps around the Grand Tradition Gardens and other had runners tromping through Los Jilgueros Preserve. 


Rotarians Ally Abbott, Chuck Ibold, Sherri Trombetta and Don Weeks smile as they work the event.


Rotarian Ally Abbott and Volunteer Jim Rietkerk ready the wristbands by separating them into strips.


Rotarian Paula Shilts also gets wristbands ready for participants.


Rotarian Sherri Trombetta has brought along a Miss Fallbrook Pageant Princess to help with registration. 


Rotarian Chuck Ibold takes the microphone as Master of Ceremonies (MC) and reaches out to dogs who are ready to run. He thanks  the Grand Tradition for the site, and Northgate Market for the water bottles.


Rotarian Kathy Rietkerk helps signup a new runner observed by  Rotarian Eric Ramos.


The crowd gathers to complete registration and hangs out in the nice warm tent awaiting the race's start. 


Two runners are going to complete their 3K wearing turkey costumes. A happy runner enjoys wearing her turkey hat.


Rotarians Gordon and Melinda Stone pose for a photo with the MC Chuck Ibold. 


Rotarian Erica Williams plans to run with her dog, Duke.


Rotarian Paula Shilts' grandson, who will run his fastest, munches on a donut. 


Everyone enjoyed getting their t-shirts to remind them of this yearly event. Of course, walkers and runners will come back to earn another t-shirt next year!


This fundraiser became front page news!


There was a big spread in the Village news showing happy runners in costumes and rain gear on the left-page side. The fastest men and women are shown on the right-page side.