Rotarians visited the Library's Reception to see the "Pet Portraits" that will be on Display until early September 2019.
Rotarian Don Weeks' dog "Gus aka Bud" participated in the show. Fallbrook Artist Vickie Meadows generated the watercolor and nicknamed it "Bud" as she worked through her creative process.  
As part of a fundraising project to repair the 127 West restaurant after the 2016 fire, Artist Meadows had painted "Gus aka Bud" for the Weeks family. Today, that lovely restaurant hosts the Fallbrook Village Rotary meetings every week.
Naturally the Rotarians stop by to have dinner at their favorite venue. Shown at 12 West L-R: Rotarian Don Weeks, Jen Weeks, Rotarian Karen Utley, Prospective Member Allison Abbott, Rotary President Steve Abbott and Rotarian Chuck Ibold.