Rotarian Karen Utley, on behalf of the  Fallbrook Village Rotary Club (FVRC) & Foundation, provides Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC) Crystal Gates with instant Rotary support for CLB15.
CLB15 (280 Marines and Sailors) had to go into a 21-day ROM prior deployment. The deploying military were only allowed out of their rooms daily to get their chow bags, and one-hour gym time, and  laundry access once per week. They were not able to get bottled water with their rations as of yet. While waiting for this detail to get straightened out, DRC Gates requested interim help.  
Before noon, she called Rotarian Karen Utley and asked if FVRC could either buy cases or full gallons of water for the Marines and Sailors on ROM. Rotarian Utley took action.  After calling on our Rotary President and the Foundation Board, she had water purchase funds for 50 cases of water delivered to DRC Gates that afternoon.
CLB 15 Sailors and Marines had bottled water by early afternoon.