Family Readiness Officer (FRO) Toni Ramirez (center) prepared for the party with Rotarians Don Weeks and Steve Achard. Photo taken by Rotarian Edith Sammouilet.
Rotarians Don Weeks, Steve Achard and Edith Sammouilet help serve food at the CLB-13 Party for marines and their wives.
Party preparations included streamers, balloons and flowers.
Everyone enjoyed the party!
Couples had personal time together since babysitting was provided.
Commanding Officer Marcus Melendez (left) and his wife participated in the event with another couple. 
Marines and their wives played a fun Newlywed Game led by FRO Toni Ramirez. 
FRO Toni Ramirez directs the game while Rotarians take photos.
Marine couples had a great time guessing each other's answers..
There were some very excited winners!