For several months prior to the pageant, the contestants gather sponsorships, work on their public speaking, interview skills, writing, as well as makeup and dress attire for various occasions. Each contestant chooses a platform that they are passionate about and will share this the evening of the pageant.

The 2019 Miss Fallbrook and her court crown a 2020 Princess Taylor. Miss Fallbrook, Miss Teen Fallbrook and her princesses earn scholarships. Fallbrook Village Rotary uses the proceeds from the pageant to support the local community. 
Rotarian Chuck Ibold was the event's Master of Ceremonies and handled the Impromptu Question event. 
All the Miss Fallbrook/Teen Scholarship winners participants take center stage.
As our scholarship winners, Miss Fallbrook/Teen and their Courts appear at a variety of Fallbrook and Rotary events throughout their year's reign.  In 2020, they visited local businesses during a Friday in the Friendly Village. 
While browsing at Mimi's, they found lovely candles and necklaces (top photo).
Miss Teen Fallbrook and First Princess vogue with a Mimi's mannequin. (bottom photo) 
They joined Rotarians to spruce up the Vince Ross Village Square.
Trash detail is handled by another scholarship winner and Rotarian Tom Stuver. (top photo) During a cleanup break. Gordon Stone  (bottom photo) talks to one scholarship winner