June 2016
Upcoming Events
  • DARK
    Fallbrook Public Library
    Jun 07, 2016
    12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Demotion Party
    Debbi & Charles Peters
    Jun 18, 2016
    3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Rotary Day At The Races
    Del Mar Race Track
    Aug 29, 2016
    2:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Jun 07, 2016
Jun 14, 2016
Kelly Austin
Gava Kids
Jun 21, 2016
Lori A. Lefor & Mrs. Brewer
Family Readiness Officers, Combat Logistics Battalion 13 Presentation
Jun 28, 2016
Bobbie Palmer
Executive Director Fallbrook Health Care District

Make a Difference in Polio

Home Page Stories
Club President Eric Ramos gave a talk on melanoma skin cancers and stroke awareness.


Erica Williams gave a talk on the benefits of Wellness Coaching which is a service she provides to clients. Wellness Coaches are trained to help clients achieve their best self in happiness and well being. Under her coaching, she helps the client set goals for all aspects of wellness including physical, mental, financial and overall health. A Wellness Vision is created and goals are set in both long term and short term. For more information on Wellness Coaching or to contact Erica directly, please visit www.fallbrookvillagefitness.com or call 760-451-3488 .


Bulletin 5-3-16
Our Caterer Extroidinaire - Faro Trupiano
The meeting opened with Faro Trupiano thanking the Community, his Family and the Club for all the support they provided to him for the 127 West Social House fire disaster. Faro said the restoration has not yet begun and it looks like it will be a long process (maybe up to a year).
Eric & Sgt Maj Wilson
Lt McDonald, Sgt Maj Wilson, Steve, Debbi & Erica
  • The Purple Foxes (Squadron VMM364) have been in operation since the Vietnam Era. FVRC has been helping the Foxes since December 2014. Erika, Lt McDonald, and Sgt Maj Wilson presented Squadron Letters of Appreciation to Club Members who helped with their Open House BBQ (April 1st). Members spent the day delivering food, helping with the setup, serving food (about 300 people), and cleaning up. Kudos to Eric, Steve, Erica, Debbi & Charles. You guys are awesome. As a special treat - everybody that went got to fly the Osprey simulator. There was some smack flying around about who did and didn’t crash. I guess we’ll never know.
GUEST SPEAKER: Sherri Trombetta, Miss Fallbrook Pageant Coordinator & Director
Sherri Trombetta spoke about the Miss Fallbrook Pageant, which is currently sponsored by the Fallbrook Soroptimist Club. Sherri said the Soroptimist Club is disbanding and is looking for an organization to help carry on the Pageant.
The Pageant is made up of girls that compete based on education/knowledge and not beauty/talent.
Sherri would like our Club to sponsor the 2017 Pageant so it can continue to get and distribute scholarship funds.

Brett Parkinson & Olympian John Nunn
  • John Nunn, Olympic Race Walker.
John and his 12 year old daughter, Ella, have lived in Bonsall for the past 5 years. He is a Staff Sargent in the U.S. Army and a member of their World Class Athlete Program with 15 years of service. He recently made his 3rd Olympic Team for Track and Field in the event of the 50k race walk.
In his spare time when he is not training 100+ miles a week, he is finishing school to get into the Army’s Physician Assistant Program, coaching track at Bonsall High School, running his daughter to all her functions and managing a small cookie business on the side with Ella.
John is the fastest American Race Walker holding the American records for both the 20km and the 50km.
For more information on John go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Nunn_(athlete) 

Emily Larson, Steve Achard, Lea Curcio, Candace Singh, Debbi Peters, Gordon Stone, Eric Ramos
  • There was a bit of a different program today. Candace Singh spoke about the Fallbrook elementary school district. Some of the items Candace said were:
    • Maie Ellis Elementary School has reopened this year and has 600 dual language students.
    • 4-8th  grade technology students all have their own “Chrome Books”. The plan is to provide all grade schoolers with “Chrome Books” eventually.
    • Many school busses now have Wi-Fi access.
    • 10-12% of students do not have Wi-Fi access. The school district is partnering with Time Warner in this area in an attempt to get Wi-Fi in all students’ homes.
    • Candace handed out books (The Leader in Me) to Club members. She said this is the first school district in the U.S. to be identified as a “Leader”.
    • “Panda Cares” has donated about $600,000 to schools here and has been a great community partner. They want to address the whole child and inspire leadership at an early age.
    • Frazier & Maie Fay Elementary schools have been recognized as “Light House” schools. There are only 6 schools in California with this esteemed designation.
The 3 Musketelos - Steve Achard, Debbi Peters, Gordon Stone
  • The Three Musketelos presented “Now & Ben” to the Club with a short quiz afterwards. Brett, Karen & Sandy won gift certificates to the Yogurt Palace for their correct answers.
  • Kids from the local schools wrote many cute “Thank you” notes to the 3 Musketelos for their wonderful presentations.
Erin Holmes and Robert Caudill visited our club today to share with us information on the I Journey Wellness Center, soon to be opened in Oceanside. This center will be open to the public with a focus on military veterans and elderly who are seeking alternative health care options. I Journey Wellness Center is a non profit organization which will provide services such as yoga, sound healing, nutrition and meditation among others. Erin and Robert met at a local VA and came together for this project when they realized the need for more public access to alternative healing methods.
GUEST SPEAKER:  Doug Boggs & Chuck Gunther – Kenyan Water Project in cooperation with Fallbrook Village Rotary, Uberlinger Rotary Germany, Rotary Malindi, and Rotary International
Doug Boggs, Gordon Stone, Chuck Gunther
Doug Boggs is the President and founder of Lango Baya Mission, which began working in Kenya in 2007.   The organization has grown from assisting nine orphans and their caregivers in 2007 to over 400 children and families at present.  Lango Baya Mission focuses on education, food security, training and projects to assist communities in becoming more self-reliant.  Doug travels to the mission in Kenya once or twice a year.  Before founding the Mission, Doug worked in International Sales Management, Publishing and Teaching.
Chuck Gunther is a Board Member and Vice President of Lango Baya Mission.  Chuck has assisted with the business structure and growth of the Mission since 2008, and travels to Kenya regularly.  Before coming to the Mission, Chuck founded the first Nuclear Pharmacy in the State of California, creating the Federal and California Laws to allow a new diagnostic to determine abnormalities.  His Nuclear Pharmacy was bought by the first National Nuclear Pharmacy and they opened Nuclear Pharmacies in 18 States in the USA in the next eight years.
Both Doug and Chuck worked on the Water Project in conjunction with Fallbrook Village Rotary, Rotary Malindi in Kenya, Uberlingen Rotary Club Germany, and Rotary International.  
The Water Project installed 6 water stations (kiosks) that will service villages of 1500-2500 people. Before the kiosks village women and their children would walk 2 times per day to carry 22 liter containers full of water on their heads back to their villages. The water is used for everything including subsistence farmers who grow their own food. During drought periods they villagers didn’t have enough water for their maize. Now, due to the kiosks, villagers have enough water for all their needs. To get to Malindi Doug and Chuck have to fly to Nairobi then to Malindi. From it is an additional 1 ½ hours to the outer villages.
The project started with helping orphans up in Waijir. It soon became too dangerous to go to Waijir due to its proximity to Somalia, so Doug found orphans to help in Malindi. Orphan sponsorships are $38.00 per month. Sandy and Sharon are supporters of these orphan sponsorships. The money goes toward school uniforms among other things. Because African schools require uniforms, and most families can’t afford these uniforms, many children either do not attend school or drop out. The orphan sponsorships help educate these children so they can succeed in life.
While Doug and Chuck were working with the Orphan project they saw an obvious need to bring water to these villages. The Water Project sprung from this observation. Now, instead of villagers hiking for miles to retrieve water that is supplied from rivers, it is treated and sent underground via pipes to kiosks. The villagers buy water from the kiosks. The Malindi water project started in 2009 when local villagers were hired to hand dig miles of trenches and lay pipes. The Malindi Water Company was in support of hiring local villagers to do the work vice bringing people and equipment in. Casual laborers work for someone else sporadically to make money so many villagers were eager to work for the water company. Construction began in 2010 and in 2011 the construction and hookups were completed. Because two different water companies were involved (they had 2 different water pressures) the kiosk pipes started breaking after they were hooked up. The problem was resolved when they installed water regulators.
Additionally the government started digging catchment reservoirs to help villagers with raising Tilapia and water vegetables. After the kiosks were installed Rotary formed local women’s groups to manage the kiosks (5-8 women). Women were selected because they manage the families and are the most reliable and responsible members in the family. Rotary trained the women in small business management so they can collect money and pay for the kiosk metering. The net profit margin has been about 30% and the 5-8 women running the project earn between $50-$80 per month. Rotary’s stipulation for building the kiosks was that it be run by local people and used for the local community. Women also were trained in animal husbandry so they bought and raised chickens with their new income. Rotary is also building private schools and presently has 3 to 4 classrooms.

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