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Jul 14, 2015
Dr. Todd Elvins
Climate Control
Jul 21, 2015
USS Midway Museum - Joe Ciokon
Spreading the word about the most-visited ship museum in the world
Jul 28, 2015
Charley Wolk
Bejoca Grove & Landscape Management

Make a Difference in Polio


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  • From left to right – Vince Ross, Al Gebhart, Bob Butler, Eric Ramos, Jack Bebee, and Donna Gebhart after working on the Santa Margarita River Trail.
Program:  Jack Bebee – Assistant General Manager – Fallbrook Public Utilities District
Jack is originally from Chicago’s North side. Jack went to Washington College and got his masters in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois. He has lived in California for 15 years. Jack’s dad worked for Wrigley Field so he and Jack attended many Cubs baseball games. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they live in Vista. Jack gave a fascinating presentation on the water situation here in Fallbrook. For more of Jack's presentation click on "Read more..."
Dr Frank Winton
Program:  Dr. Frank Winton – Graybill Medical Group and Member of the Fallbrook Health Care District Board of Directors
“Getting active and staying active is the most powerful thing a person can do to improve overall health.”
Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Frank Winton specializes in Sports and Family Medicine and cares for patients of all ages and abilities. Dr. Winton was raised in the San Fernando Valley and went to Alameda H.S.. He attended Berkley and graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas in 1998. He completed his residency at Northridge Hospital where he earned the Outstanding Resident Award. He lives in Fallbrook with his wife and children.
Dr. Winton is one of 5 members of the Fallbrook Health Care District Board of Directors. He was elected to the positon after serving on the medical staff of the Fallbrook Hospital. Dr. Winton has been on the board for about 4 months and was asked to join when another member vacated. The board is the governing body of the District. All District powers are exercised by or under the direction of the Board.
Tom Meriwether and Terry Small - Avocado Orchard Owner and Former PGA Tourning Professional
Program:  Terry Small – Former PGA Touring Professional
Terry Small, a former PGA Touring Professional, was the 1964 NCAA Collegiate Golf Champion and All - California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Champion coming out of Long Beach Poly High School. He lives in Fallbrook and owns an Avocado orchard with his wife Louise. For more about Terry's golfing story got to "Read More".
Ernest "Ernie" J. Dronenburg Jr. - Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, San Diego County and Tom Meriwether
Program:  Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr. Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, San Diego County
Mr. Dronenburg has recently been re-elected to the San Diego County office of Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk.
Ernie’s presentation included an explanation of the office of Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk and what each section includes. He discussed some of the ways the operations have changed in the department. He showed how the Property Tax Roll is put together. Ernie gave a prediction of the future in the real estate market and speculated if your assessed value will be going up next year. Ernie also answered questions on Property Taxes including “Is Prop 13 still valid and is it going to be challenged?” 
For more about Ernie go to "Read More"
For more information go to www.sdarcc.com  
Tom Meriwether and Philip J. Goscienski, M.D. "The Stone Age Doc"
PROGRAM:  DR. PHILIP J. GOSCIENSKI, M.D. – Author of “Health Secrets of the Stone Age” speaking about Plagues and Pandemics
According to http://www.stoneagedoc.com/press_room.htm - “Philip J. Goscienski, M.D. is a pediatric infectious diseases specialist with a 45-year career in clinical and academic medicine. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona, Tucson, and his medical degree from the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Dr. Goscienski reached the rank of Captain in the United States Navy Medical Corps and closed his military career as Head of the Infectious Diseases Branch, Department of Pediatrics, Naval Regional Medical Center, San Diego, California. He also served as Assistant Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics.
He was Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine until his retirement. His activity at both the Naval Regional Medical Center and the UCSD Medical Center included training and supervision of medical students, interns, residents and fellows.
Dr. Goscienski is the author of several medical journal articles and textbook chapters on various topics in pediatric infectious diseases. He has written for the Saturday Evening PostSenior Life San DiegoNorth San Diego County magazine, Currents, the national newsletter of the American Heart Association and writes a weekly newspaper column, The Stone Age Doc.
He has drawn on his interests in biology, anthropology, paleopathology and physical fitness to develop Better Life Seminars, a series of presentations in which he explains how our most distant ancestors lived, and how we can apply this knowledge to extend our healthspan and avoid the major chronic diseases of our age.
His book, Health Secrets of the Stone Age, is based on his seminars and on the most recent findings in medical and anthropological research. The Second Edition, published by Better Life Publishers in 2005, was a semifinalist in the 2005 Independent Book Publisher Awards. Health Secrets of the Stone Age has also been named a semifinalist in the 2006 Writer's Notes Book Awards and Winner of the 2006 San Diego Book Awards, Health/Medicine category. It is available online and at traditional outlets and may also be ordered at 1-800-214-8110.
As medical director of a local program in Public Access Defibrillation, Dr. Goscienski has assembled a team of CPR instructors that has trained more than 300 members of a local church in resuscitation methods and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). He is certified as a CPR instructor by the American Red Cross.”
For Dr. Goscienski’s very interesting outline of this presentation click on "Read more..."
For more information on Dr Phil'S philosophy go to www.stoneagedoc.com or drphil@stoneagedoc.com
Member picture
The topic for the May 21, 2015 Fallbrook Community Forum meeting was the current drought and how consumers will be affected by the water rates. Noelle Denke and Brian Brady (General Manager of FPUD) spoke about the issue. Denke said that the toilet rebate and turf removal programs are on hold right now due to a large response from customers who wanted to participate. The Metropolitan Water District will vote on May 26th to see whether more funding will be put toward the popular programs.
For information on the rest of this important meeting click on "Read more..."
BJ Lang is a local artist that has been in Fallbrook about 1 ½ years. She said she knew she wanted to be an artist from an early age. She went to art school and loved watercolors. After she got married she took up air brushing, sculpture, and acrylics (she’s not big on oils though). Her youngest child was born autistic and has been the inspiration for many of her works.
BJ now works in many different multi-medias. She brought some samples of her work which included an encaustic painting (a very old Egyptian method using bee’s wax). BJ has recently discovered oil sticks which are similar to pastels but dry and don’t smear.
BJ says her husband has been a great supporter of her works. 
For more information on BJ visit her website at http://bjlane.com/ 

Mike Messina after losing weight. Courtesy photo
Tiffany Saxon met Mike Messina at a Toastmasters meeting. She was so inspired by his message she asked Mike to come and speak to us. Mike, a former Bay Area resident, weighed 372 pounds. He struggled with asthma, hypertension, sleep apnea and Type 2 diabetes. In Jan 2012, he and his brother Joe went on “The Biggest Loser” and his whole life changed. “The show gave me an opportunity to face my disease head on with a way of dealing with it like no other,” said Messina. “It was lifesaving.”
These photo's of Rich were taken when the Purple Foxes were having a "live fire" demonstration at Camp Pendleton.  The Marines had on display a number of helicopters they use.

Rich and his wife "Mary" used to invite me to attend the Iwo Jima remembrance held at Camp Pendleton on an annual basis. He had to be dressed in tuxedo attire.  Without fail, he had a heck of a time with his bow tie.  I didn't do much better in tying it, but between us, always got it done in time for him to answer roll call.

Rich didn't talk a lot about his service time.  He did tell me that he was in the Navy in WWII, stationed on board the cruiser, San Francisco.  The cruiser gained fame by having her bow shot off, then backing all the way to Mare Island, Oakland, California for repairs.  Rich joined her when she was repaired, and put out to sea.  The San Francisco supported our Marines when they landed on Iwo Jima.  The cruiser moved as close to Iwo Jima as it could to deliver close support fire to the Marines.  She also participated in the invasion of Okinawa. This is one of the first times the Japanese employed their "Divine Wind" tactics, or "suicide planes" ramming our ships.  To my knowledge, the San Francisco wasn't hit by a "suicide plane", but one time, Rich told me, one was shot down by his ship, and it hit the water near enough to the ship to splash water on him". He said, "he was about ready to jump off the ship, but didn't".

He was a well known building contractor in the Fallbrook area.  He took great pride in his work, and a number of homes he built in this area attest to his "pride in workmanship".

-  Steve Achard​
Rich Strobel passed away May 19th at age 89.  Rich was a long time Fallbrook resident and former Fallbrook Village Rotarian.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Mary Jane, and family. Memorial service information will be provided as son as we get it.

April 21, 2015 
Rotary Day at Camp Pendleton
Purple Foxes treats us to a tour of Osprey and lunch.  What a wonderful time with amazing Marines.  Thank you for serving our country.   Rotary presented them with money for there General Fund and Baby Blanket Project.   Enjoy!


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