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Apr 28, 2015
LEAD students
Rotary's LEAD program
May 05, 2015
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Al Gebhart - Live Oak Park
Volunteers Needed
Al is currently president of the Live Oak Park Coalition. He is a Rotarian, and a member of the Fallbrook Land Conservancy Trails Council. Al, who was here because of Vince Ross, talked about the Live Oak Dog Leash Free Area (Live Oak Dog Park). Al is on the Coalition and is a member of CS81. He said the Coalition paid $10,000 to open the Dog Park and said there were problems with the county in the way of delays and increased requirements which were holding up the park.
Al came to the club to ask for our time (not money). Al said over 660 kids per year come to Live Oak Park in April until the end of May. Al said their program makes the kids a Ranger for a Day, and teaches the kids about the park and about being a Ranger. It’s an annual program that takes about an hour and runs over a 6 week period on Thursdays and caters mostly to 2nd & 3rd graders. The program needs people to come and teach the kids how to be a Ranger for a Day.
For more information go to "Read more".
Homes For Our Troops (HFOT)
Volunteer Day
March 28, 2015
From right to left: Melinda Stone, Adam Williams, Karen Utley, Tom Meriwether, Chuck Ibold, Gordon Stone & his sister.
FVR members and their families worked hard and had a great time at the HFOT Volunteer day. Close to 200 people showed up to help Marine Corps veteran Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer complete the landscaping at his home here in Fallbrook. With so much help the entire project took under 2 hours. Thank you and Congratulations GSgt Meyer on your new home. You have certainly earned it. 

There will be a memorial service for our friend and fellow Rotarian on Saturday, April 11. For more information see the events section.

Sad News
“President Bob had the privilege of inducting a new member, Bob L. Myers, into the Fallbrook Village Rotary Club. Bob is the owner of Advanced Highway Technologies located in Bonsall. We look forward to having Bob be a part of FVR and welcome him !“
-  September 10, 2013 Bulletin
On Tuesday, March 31st, our friend and fellow Rotarian, Bob Myers, passed away. His wife Carol said he hadn’t been feeling well for a while and had a massive heart attack. We are all very sad at his passing.
Bob your willingness to take on any challenge and wonderful sense of humor will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace Friend.
For some wonderful memories and stories about Bob click on "Read more".
Nieneke Hardenbol, President of the Live Oak Dog Park Committee, with Tom Meriwether.
Program:  Nieneke Hardenbol - Live Oak Dog Park Project
Nieneke was born in Indonesia. In 1958, when Indonesia was overrun by the Japanese, she and her family moved to the Netherlands. Her father was from the Netherlands. Later they moved to La Habra California where she went to high school. One of her most memorable jobs was as a tour guide in Disneyland. Her husband (who was in the Diplomatic Corps) was from Gabon Africa. Sadly her husband has passed away.
Nieneke became involved in the Live Oak Dog Park project after she met Anne Richter. Anne had an active dog and wanted a local dog park where she could take her dog. After Anne heard others wanted a dog park too she started a movement to create the Live Oak Dog Park (LODP) which is a committee of the Live Oak Park Coalition. The park, a 2 acre lot, will be located in the south west corner of Reche and Gird Roads. It is presently surrounded by orange fencing.
The next “Bark in the Park” fundraiser will be held March 19, 2016.
For more information go to http://www.liveoakdogpark.com/ .
Barbara Romero and Tom Meriwether.
Barbara was born in California and raised in Cleveland, OH. She has lived in Fallbrook for 17 years. She is a nutritionist that enlightened FVR about the latest nutrition trends.
Thanks to Tom Meriwether for calling the owner of the Fallbrook Brewing Company and asking him to open up for FVR in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We had a great turn out and a lot of fun. Thanks again Tom. You did a great job as usual.

Tom Meriwether and Gordon Stone reminisce about the good ole days.
Gordon, a charter member of the Fallbrook Village Rotary (FVR) Club, gave an informative, often humorous, and touching presentation on his career and the history of the FVR club. Gordon was then honored with a tile at the Village Square which said "Gordon Stone - Community Center Star - 2015". Congratulations Gordon on a "A Job Well Done". You've earned it. 
Margaret Singleton-O'Leary and Tom Meriwether.
Margaret Singleton-O’Leary has lived in Fallbrook for 13 years. Raised as an “Army Brat”, Margaret lived in many different places and attended 14 different schools. She is a Harvard Graduate and has degrees in Bio-Chemistry, Advanced Chinese, and Modern Chinese. She worked for The World Bank as a business valuer and real estate appraiser. As a professor, Margaret has taught deans of business schools and regional directors.
In 2010 Margaret went to China with a Chinese professor, Lilly Wan, who opened many doors for Margaret. Margaret showed us slides of different Chinese art pieces and artifacts and gave us handouts that depicted Tanzania, Models of India’s economy (and the British influence in India) versus China’s economy, a picture of peasants repairing dikes on the Yellow River (which kept dynasties going), and samples of the Chinese language.
Student of the Month Program Update by Steve Achard
The Student of the Month Awards Breakfast was held in the Community Center 5 March 2015.

This is something new, the "American Legion of Learning", normally awarded by two members of the local American Legion Fallbrook/Vista Post have passed away.  The "Student of the Month" program wanted to continue the "Medal" program,  and received permission to do so.  The medals were awarded by three Marines from Camp Pendleton, LCpl. Jessica Naylor, LCpl. Michael Mahanes, Jr., and PFC Christopher Jones.  Our Marines did an excellent job of the presentations.

The first "Student of the Month", Jose Beltran of Ivy High School.  He is a hard worker, helps his family, and is getting good grades. Hasn't decided on  college to attend or a trade to practice.

The second "Student of the Month", Belle Banta of FUHS. Belle's father is in the Marines, and as a result, this is the third High School she has attended in in four years.  She is well adapted to her new environment, editor of the Student "Fallbrook Union High School yearbook", and with excellent grades.  She has applied to a number of Universities, but the one she want to attend is Dartmouth.

The third "Student of the Month, Jeremy Nikolaus of FUHS.  Excellent student, self starter, problem solver, and a good athlete.  He recently ran in the "Marine Marathon" finishing toward the top of the runners.  His choices of college are the University of Montana, or Cal Poly majoring in "Civil Engineering".

The fourth "Student of the Month", Rick Stephens of FUHS. He is an "all around student". He carries a 4.0 GPA in his class work, active in sports, a member of the FUHS diving team, and plays rugby. He would like to go to San Diego State, majoring in marketing.

After listening to the accomplishments of these four young people, you just know our Country will be in good hands in the future.

Attendance at the "Student of the Month" program, as well as being fun, is highly enlightening as to the high caliber of the  students at Fallbrook Union High School. I would encourage any member or members to attend this program.  The next "Student of the Month" breakfast will be held at the Community Center on April 9th at 7:30 a.m.. Just think, you can join Gordon Stone and I.  Now that's a real treat designed to start your day in a happy mood.

Brett Parkinson, Karen Utley, Erica Williams and Steve Achard visited the Fallbrook Rotary Club
for the 4 Way Speech Contest  at the Grand Tradition.The six contestants from North County San Diego all did an amazing job.  


Fallbrook Village Rotary and it's Foundation is proud to support HFOT by making a donation of $500.00. The money will go towards the home being built for GySgt Brian Meyer in Fallbrook. There will be a Volunteer Day March 28th and a Key Ceremony Apr 25 for Brian's home. Everyone is welcome.
For more information:  https://www.hfotusa.org/meyer 
Vanessa Keeslar (HFOT) and Tom Meriwether
FVR enjoyed learning about art collecting and how the Millennials are affecting the business. Robert, an art expert who is preparing to participate in the Bustamante Show in Pasadena (March 6-8), owns The Blue Heron Art Gallery on N Main. FVR appreciates that Robert took time out of his busy schedule to come and speak to us.
For more information about The Blue Heron go to http://www.blueherongallery.net/.
From left to right: Robert Sommers - owner of The Blue Heron Gallery, and Tom Meriwether
FVR sponsored the Rotary 4 Way Speech contest. Observing these four young women orate was an amazing experience. 
Pictured from left to right: Richard Goodlake - District 5340 4 Way Speech  Contest Coordinator, Brett Parkinson - FVR member and contest moderator, 1st prize winner Emilee Person, 2nd place winner Taylor Frazier, 4th place winner Sabrina Valencia, 3rd place winner Sophia Uristogue, and Fallbrook Union High School (FUHS) volunteer speech coach and Fallbrook Rotary Member Margaret Singleton-O'Leary.
Emilee and Taylor will go on to compete in the subregional finals.
The FVR Social at 127 West Social House was a big hit.Many members and their guests relaxed on the back patio and enjoyed 127's excellent food and spirits.

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