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Erica Williams & ken Munsen
Erica Williams presented Ken Munsen from the Animal sanctuary with a check for $2265 earned from our annual fundraiser “The Turkey Trot”. Great job to everybody that made the event a huge success and to Erica for giving the Trot to the Club.
Susan Coloumbe & Ken Munsen - Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary

GUEST SPEAKER: Martin “Marty” Jackson Jr – WWII Pilot
Marty was born Aug 1923, and graduated high school in Chicago in Jun 1941.  War broke out and Marty went to join the Army but had to get permission from his parents to join the he wasn’t 21 yet. Marty went to Shepard Field for 6 weeks basic training and came out a buck private. He was on the way to Officers training when the Army decided to send him to SAC at Lackland Field, TX for pilot training. Marty graduated pilot training in Class 44-C, and became a P-47 pilot in the Pacific Theater during which Marty flew ground support in Japan overflying Nagasaki Japan on 8 and10 August 1945.
Some of Marty’s many accomplishments include Mayor of Huntington Park, Prosecutor for L.A.’s Deputy D.A., and Banker and formed Bank Mechanic’s International. Marty was a Rotarian for 18 years. Marty presently lives in Fallbrook, and, at the age of 93, is amazing.
Marty always told his friends “you gotta have a will” and would make up free wills for military personnel that would come to him. Marty said he’s proud to be a part of “The Greatest Generation”. He said they saw everything, did everything, knew everything, and now, can’t remember anything. Not really so of Marty, who told us in great, colorful detail about his time in WWII as a pilot. Marty said at that time “If you had wings you could fly anything” and would be expected to fly everything. Marty’s travels were extensive. One story in particular was when Marty overflew Nagasaki the day before the A Bomb was dropped and he remembered he was thinking many homes had very rusty and dilapidated roofs that needed repair. When he flew over the same neighborhoods at 1000 feet the day after the A Bomb was dropped those homes were gone.
For more info and to see an interview of Marty done by the San Diego Air & Space Museum go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k9ltoNQaqc

  • Leisa Tilley-Grajek & Malachi – K9 Guardians “Serving Those Who Have Served”
Leisa Tilley-Grajek was born in San Diego. Her love for dogs started early. She had two German Shepherds that became her best friends. Leisa’s had the ability to bond and work with canines. She lived a military life because her father, grandfather, and uncles were all in the military. Moving a lot taught Leisa to be outgoing and flexible. She has been a Fallbrook resident for 24 years.
Leisa currently operates a successful therapeutic massage practice (All About You!) as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has 3 children; Cammy, Melissa, and Austin and a grandson (Noah).
Leisa is the founding president of K9 guardians. This 501c3 non-profit organization’s mission is to raise and train German Shepherds as service dogs for the purpose of providing them, at no cost, to veterans of foreign or domestic wars that suffer from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and other service related disabilities.
30% of veterans have PTSD, and/or TBI. 22 vets commit suicide each day. There is a significant backlog for service dogs for those who served our country. K9 Guardians in located in Fallbrook.
Specific duties of K9 Guardian dogs:
  • Good at sleeping
  • Must behave in public
  • Dog specializes in vet’s problems (i.e. Malachai took off Leisa’s sock and will retrieve things like keys. Veterans have nightmares and Guardian dogs have been trained to lick the vet’s cheeks to awaken them.
  • Veterans are encouraged to participate in the process of training their dog. That seems to help in the vet’s recovery.
  • Dogs’ sense trouble before vets’ do.
  • www.sandiego6.com/news/local/service-dogs-for-vets-with-PTSD303553931.html
Leisa’s website has the story of her first client - Senior Chief Dan Cole.
How you can help:
  • Funding
  • Puppy raising
  • Other donations of time & services
  • Kennel barn sponsors
  • Individual kennel sponsors
  • Dog sponsors
You can also email or call Leisa at fetch@k9guardians.org or 844-594-8273

Erica Williams presented a check for $2265 to Fallbrook Land Conservancy representatives William Shakespeare and Mike Peters. The money was raised during the annual Turkey Trot Fundraiser which Erica founded and nurtured into an amazing success. Thanks to everybody for all their hard work.
From left to right: Turkey Trot Founder Erica Williams, Foundation President Tom Meriwether, FVRC President Dr. Eric Ramos
Land Conservancy Representatives: William Shakespeare & Mike Peters

Fallbrook Union High School Madrigals sing for FVRC 12-15-15 
The Madrigals - lead by Vocal Director Heather Smith, sang beautifully for the Club. They sang new songs (including one about texting) and Olde Tyme favorites like "I'll Be Home For Christmas".
Club President Eric Ramos presented Director Heather Smith with a $500.00 donation from the Foundation. 
Keep up the great work Madrigals. You bring joy and cheer to everyone you touch.

Rotarian Karen Utley and Rotarian Gary Shimer's wife, Susan, helped The Purple Foxes celebrate Thanksgiving. Steve Achard worked out a donation of 8 Turkeys from Major Market. Debbi Peters donated 300 of her yummy homemade rolls for the event. Steve delivered the turkeys and Karen and Susan delivered the rolls. Karen and Susan were able to stay and help with the festivities. It was a greatly rewarding experience. The Marines gathered together at the end and thanked The Fallbrook Village Rotary for all their help in this very important event. Erica Williams also donated 6 spots in the annual Turkey Trot. Great team work everybody. Our Marines really felt the love.

Vince Ross, Lydia Rossi & Jerry Kalman
GUEST SPEAKERS: Lydia Rossi and Jerry Kalman – Flying Tigers
Vince Ross introduced his friends Lydia Rossi and her fiancé, Jerry Kalman.
Lydia ( Lydia.stargraphics@gmail.com ) and her late husband first bought Fallbrook property in 1969 and moved here permanently in 1972 and raised avocados. Lydia got her AA degree in Commercial Art from the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. She has been very involved in the community doing good works with many local organizations. In 1989 Lydia started a computer-based graphic design business that she ran from her home/office until 2010 when she retired her business. Vince and she had worked together for a while. Lydia has volunteered her business graphic works to organizations around town.
Lydia’s husband was a member of the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers in WWII. Lydia has been the Executive Secretary of the Flying Tigers Association (FTA) for 8 years, and has traveled to Asia many times on behalf of the FTA, meeting with Chinese officials and dignitaries. She helps put on reunions, keeps communications, runs/edits their website (www.flyingtigersavg.com) and also their forum (www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com) and handles all the sales of FTA memorabilia.
Lydia has traveled throughout the world and lived in Mallorca, Spain for a year. She has a son residing in San Diego who is an Environmental Engineer working for an environmental engineering company.
Jerry is a local Realtor and internationally acclaimed and award winning fine art photographer (http://americanfotomoments.com/).
Jerry showed a slide show about the Flying Tigers while Lydia narrated. Lydia and her late husband, John Richard “Dick” Rossi, went to China last September to attend a huge Chinese celebration near Tiananmen Square honoring WWII Veterans that helped defend them from the Japanese onslaught.
GUEST SPEAKER: Janice Kurth, MD, PhD – District 5340, District Governor 2015-16
Dr. Eric Ramos - FVRC President
Dr. Janice Kurth - District 5340 Governor 2015-16
Christine Sommer - Asst. District 5340 Governor
Dr. Janice Kurth earned her B.A. in chemistry from Austin College, Ph.D. in human genetics from Stanford University, and M.D. from University of Arizona, with post-graduate training in internal medicine. Her professional career has included medical practice, academic and industrial biomedical research, product and software development, research management and pharmaceutical medicine. She is now retired to a busy life of service to her community, family and Rotary.
Janice is a member of the Rotary Club of del Mar. She was a GSE Team Leader to District 9200 (East Africa) in February, 2010 and has served District 5340 in many roles over the last 10 years and sponsored several Global Grants. She is very excited and honored to serve as District Governor in 2015-16. Janice is a member of the Paul Harris Society, the Bequest Society and a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation. Her other service activities include student mentoring and The San Diego Women’s Foundation. In her free time, Janice enjoys running, weight lifting, traveling, reading, hiking, biking, and wine tasting. She has been married to her husband Matt for 27 years. They have two daughters, ages 24 had 26.
Dr Eric Ramos, Steve Achard, and Dr Janice Kurth
Eric and Janice presented Steve with a Certificate of Appreciation “In Recognition of 50 Years of Service to Rotary International”. Congratulations Steve – you are amazing and an inspiration to all of us.
In addition to Steve, Don Weeks and Erica Williams were given Certificates of Appreciation for their hard work and great contributions to the Club. Great job Don and Erica. We really appreciate you and all of your hard work.
Janice Kurth presents Don Weeks with a Certificate of Appreciation
Janice Kurth presents Erica Williams with a Certificate of Appreciation
President Eric Ramos and Milan Floribus
GUEST SPEAKER: Milan Floribus – Owner/Operator of AC Global Medical transport.
AC Global Medical Transport
Providing Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation services around the world.
•     AC Global Medical Transports is owned and operated by Milan and Joan Floribus. Milan has been involved in the air ambulance and medical evacuation industry since 1981 and is widely known and respected across the world. His wife, Joan, has been in the industry since 2006, and provides the highest quality patient care and medical evacuations via air ambulance available on the globe.
•     AC Global Medical Transport Provides:
•     Experienced Medical Staff
•     Fixed-Wing Aircraft and Licensed Pilots (No Helicopters)
•     On Board Medication Available
•     Ground Ambulance Transport
•     Cargo Door Aircraft Available for Loading and Unloading
•     Logistics Experts To Get You Where You Need To Be
•     Milan also talked about “The Air Rescue Card”
•     For more information go to www.acglobalmedicaltransports.com or Milanfloribus@gmail.com or call Milan at 888-224-7490
•     Click on "Read More" to see the flyer
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